(States of) Wake

Wake, to become awake, to arise, is a composite of Old English, wacu, related to watching, and Old Norse, vaka, meaning vigil, relating to wakefulness; wake is a track left by a moving ship, wake is holding a vigil. 

(States of) Wake by Diana Damian Martin, with Jennie Klein and Madeleine Hodge, provides brief, critical reflections on the works in the Wake Festival, in the form of dedications.

These emerge from encounters with performances, and are also open for anyone to participate.

(States of) Wake takes its cue from the multiple histories entwined in ‘wake.’ The project probes the multiple kinds of attention that might be elicited by, or brought to performance.

The dedication might be understood in different ways – the devoting, or setting side of something for something else; a particular kind of commitment; an inscription or announcement; a ceremony of opening or completion; and a ritual of devotion.

‘A question of […] alertness, a fastidious transcription of what could be thought about something, once it swims into the stream of attention’

Susan Sontag

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