Steakhouse: Live Writing 2018

Myself and Bojana Jankovic will be curating a live digital publication throughout the festival, joined by writers Libby Norman and Lewis Church, as well as Berivan Altun, Alice Iardella and Zoe Onatoye.

Responding to performances as they happen, from festival spaces, the digital publication explores ways of encountering and responding to performance and Live Art, in search of models of critical writing that are formally daring, critically rigorous, contextually relevant and adaptive to the needs of an ever-changing, shape-shifting field.

The texts will be posted throughout the festival. The writing will be coming from the dedicated hubs in Rich Mix and the Toynbee Studios and projected live in both venues.

Steakhouse Festival 2018 will also mark the soft launch of Critical Interruptions Vol 1, the first in a series of publications exploring criticism in Live Art.


Critical Interruptions is a collaborative project exploring live art and performance criticism. With little regards for review, we search for critical forms and strategies in dialogue with live art and performance, wonder how to develop rigorous and relevant critical writing and lure new writers into thinking about radical and experimental work. Critical Interruptions is a project by Diana Damian Martin and Bojana Jankovi?.

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Critics in Conversation

Critics in Conversation is a collaboration between Anette  Therese Pettersen (NO) and Diana Damian Martin (RO/UK) that explores ways in which criticism can be a public process of debate and discussion.

Taking place through three festival partnerships, and working with Nina Skogli, Critics in Conversation also reflects on the changing scope of criticism in the temporary community created by festival culture.

Critics in Conversation is supported by Norsk kulturråd and Fritt Ord, and the project has previously in 2017 visited Stamsund Teaterfestival, Ravnedans and Sand Festival.

Read more about the project here and follow here for updates.

(States of) Wake

Wake, to become awake, to arise, is a composite of Old English, wacu, related to watching, and Old Norse, vaka, meaning vigil, relating to wakefulness; wake is a track left by a moving ship, wake is holding a vigil. 

(States of) Wake by Diana Damian Martin, with Jennie Klein and Madeleine Hodge, provides brief, critical reflections on the works in the Wake Festival, in the form of dedications.

These emerge from encounters with performances, and are also open for anyone to participate.

(States of) Wake takes its cue from the multiple histories entwined in ‘wake.’ The project probes the multiple kinds of attention that might be elicited by, or brought to performance.

The dedication might be understood in different ways – the devoting, or setting side of something for something else; a particular kind of commitment; an inscription or announcement; a ceremony of opening or completion; and a ritual of devotion.

‘A question of […] alertness, a fastidious transcription of what could be thought about something, once it swims into the stream of attention’

Susan Sontag

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For more information about Wake Festival visit click here.

You can contribute your own dedications by visiting the festival hub, or online, by following this link.

Live Writing, Live Art

I am working with Bojana Jankovic, in partnership with Steakhouse Live for their annual festival Longer Wetter Faster Better, on a pilot project that focuses on developing models of critical writing about Live Art that are formally daring, critically rigorous, contextually relevant and adaptive to the needs of an ever-changing, shape-shifting field.

The programme consists of the following:

  • Two workshops, exploring relevant histories and practices of criticism in relation to live art, as well as providing a set of provocations, contextual, social and political, emerging from the works presented in LONGER WETTER FASTER BETTER
  • A durational, embedded writing project occurring throughout the festival, where participating writers will be responding to the different works presented, exploring the possibilities of this model within a festival-context. This iteration of the programme will also feature a Writers Hub.
  • Reflective articles following the festival by participating writers, published in Exeunt Magazine
  • A follow-on publication that collates writing, commissions and reflections on both the works presented and the writing project itself, edited by Diana and Bojana.

Participating writers were selected through an open call, focused specifically on emerging writers and those new to the field of live art. As a result, the group includes established artists and students, bringing experience and perspectives of visual arts, theatre, choreography and literature to discussions of Live Art.

You can follow the live critical responses throughout the festival on the dedicated website from Friday 14th October- Sunday 16th October.

And read more about the festival and the project in this feature on Exeunt Magazine:

Steakhouse: Live Art, Live Writing