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Steakhouse: Live Writing 2018 0

Myself and Bojana Jankovic will be curating a live digital publication throughout the festival, joined by writers Libby Norman and Lewis Church, as well as Berivan Altun, Alice Iardella and Zoe Onatoye. Responding to performances as they happen, from festival spaces, the digital publication explores ways of encountering and responding to performance and Live Art, in search of […]

Performance and the new Tate Modern 0

‘How can one think of art institutions in an age that is defined by planetary civil war, growing inequality, and proprietary digital technology? The boundaries of the institution have become fuzzy. They extend from pumping the audience for tweets, to a future of ‘neurocurating’ in which paintings will surveil their audience via facial recognition and […]

Fragments of/on process 0

Beyond Glorious 0