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Writing, motherhood, narratives 0

I was invited to take part in The Mother House / Procreate’s one day symposium at L’Iklectic, exploring art-making, motherhood and audiences. You can read my paper here.  

The Department of Feminist Conversations at Tate Exchange 0

The Department of Feminist Conversations is an intervention into contemporary criticality that seeks to broaden conversations about life and art through the perspective of contemporary feminisms. Founded by myself with writers Mary Paterson & Maddy Costa, The Department of Feminist Conversations embodies feminism as a political stance and a historical discourse. It approaches art as […]

Performance and the new Tate Modern 0

‘How can one think of art institutions in an age that is defined by planetary civil war, growing inequality, and proprietary digital technology? The boundaries of the institution have become fuzzy. They extend from pumping the audience for tweets, to a future of ‘neurocurating’ in which paintings will surveil their audience via facial recognition and […]

Critical thinking around Live Art for Live Art Almanac Vol 4 Launch 0

  The Live Art Almanac Volume 4 is? a collection of ‘found’ writings about and around Live Art that were originally published, shared, sent, spread and read between January 2012 and December 2014. Selected through recommendations and an open call for submissions,Volume 4 reflects the dynamic, international contexts that Live Art and radical performance- based […]