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Steakhouse: Live Writing 2018 0

Myself and Bojana Jankovic will be curating a live digital publication throughout the festival, joined by writers Libby Norman and Lewis Church, as well as Berivan Altun, Alice Iardella and Zoe Onatoye. Responding to performances as they happen, from festival spaces, the digital publication explores ways of encountering and responding to performance and Live Art, in search of […]

Critics in Conversation 0

Critics in Conversation is a collaboration between Anette  Therese Pettersen (NO) and Diana Damian Martin (RO/UK) that explores ways in which criticism can be a public process of debate and discussion. Taking place through three festival partnerships, and working with Nina Skogli, Critics in Conversation also reflects on the changing scope of criticism in the temporary community […]

(States of) Wake 0

Wake, to become awake, to arise, is a composite of Old English, wacu, related to watching, and Old Norse, vaka, meaning vigil, relating to wakefulness; wake is a track left by a moving ship, wake is holding a vigil.  (States of) Wake by Diana Damian Martin, with Jennie Klein and Madeleine Hodge, provides brief, critical reflections on the works in the Wake Festival, in […]

Live Writing, Live Art 0

I am working with Bojana Jankovic, in partnership with Steakhouse Live for their annual festival Longer Wetter Faster Better, on a pilot project that focuses on developing models of critical writing about Live Art that are formally daring, critically rigorous, contextually relevant and adaptive to the needs of an ever-changing, shape-shifting field. The programme consists of the […]